Different Mattress Sizes

The range of different mattress sizes seems to be constantly increasing as UK homeowners purchase increasing numbers of internal beds of varying bed sizes.

You might be surprised if you thought that beds came in simply single, double and now king size that there are now several versions of many of our well known bed sizes. In particular, there are several variations of ‘king size’, often related to their originating area.

Here’s a quick whistle-stop tour of some of the current bed sizes and mattress sizes on the international and UK market currently with thei corresponding sizes in both metric and imperial sizes.:

Single Bed Sizes

These vary according to their region with continental bed and mattress sizes for single beds being smaller than their North American, Australian and UK / Ireland counterparts.

Extra Small Single

This is mainland European mattress size which is 75cm x 200cm (metric sizes), or 30 in x 79 in (imperial sizes).

Small Single Bed Sizes

Another mainland European mattress size – 80cm x 200cm (metric), 31 in x 79 in (imperial sizes). However, in the UK and Ireland a ‘small single mattress’ is just 75cm x 180cm (metric) and 2’6″ x 6′ (imperial).

Standard Single

UK and Ireland size for a standard single bed is 3′ x 6’3″ (imperial) or 90cm by 190cm (metric).

Large Single

Varies according to the European country that it is native to with some Scandinavian countries (e.g. Norway), preferring longer ‘large single’ beds than other mainland European countries.
Mainland European size for a large single is generally thought to be 100cm x 200cm with certain Scandinavian nations preferring to call large single beds those measuring 120cm x 200cm.

Single Extra Long

An Australian bed size presumably for tall people which measures over 6 and a half foot in length. New Zealand bed lovers also have a ‘long single’ which is the same size in length as the Australian equivalent but slightly narrower.

King Single

Australia and New Zealand have amongst their bed offerings the ‘king single’ which is slightly wider if you’re Australian than if you’re from New Zealand but just one inch in width. Both beds are 80 inches long and in width the New Zealand King Single is 41 inches. In Australia the width of the King Single is 42 inches.

Singolo / Una Piazza Beds

Single beds in Italy are known as ‘singolo’ or ‘Una piazza’ beds and measure 80-90cm (metric) and (31-35 in) imperial size.

Super Single Bed

Native to North America, the ‘Super single bed’ measures 48 inches x 84 inches.

Twin Bed Mattress Sizes (Twin Extra Long)

Commonly used in University and college campus dormitories, the twin extra long measures 39 inches x 80 inches.

Three Quarter Bed Mattress Sizes (Prince Bed)

In North America the three quarter bed measures 48 inches x 75 inches. This bed is commonly known as the ‘prince’ bed or ‘small double’ in the UK and Ireland. This particular size of bed is now considered largely obsolete by many of the major bed manufacturers.

Double Bed Sizes

Small Double Sizes

See ‘Three Quarter Bed Mattresses’ above. Largely obsolete but there are still some bed manufacturers who supply three quarter bed mattresses, or mattresses for small double beds.

Standard Double Mattress Sizes

This is certainly the most popular of the UK and Ireland bed sizes and measures 4’6″ x 6’3″ if you’re following metric mattress sizes and 135cm x 190cm if you’re au fait with imperial mattress sizes.

Queen Mattress Sizes

The Queen size bed isn’t particularly popular in the UK and Ireland but is still favoured in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand regions.

Australian Queen Size Bed

The Australian queen size mattress measures 153cm x 203cm.

Californian Queen

Native to North America and measureing 60 inches x 84 inches or 152 cm x 213cm.

Olympic Queen Bed Size

This is not a standard queen size bed. Rather, this is a novely bed size which was created by Simmons bed suppliers.

King Size Bed Sizes

The size of one of these beds will vary quite dramatically depending upon your ‘purchasing location’, with the UK and Ireland having the smallest measurements. North American king size beds are the largest with their Eastern King beds and other North American beds following. Australian sized king size beds are next in the ‘bed measurement stakes’ with their king size being 72 inches wide. Mainland European nations and the UK and Ireland are way behind when it comes to king size bed sizes at just 5 foot wide. Here’s a quick recap on the size of king size beds across the various nations.

United States, Canada and North American King Size Beds

These are ‘large’ beds but there are several variations of them as follows:

Eastern King (Otherwise Known As The North American King)

76 inches x 80 inches in measurement.

California King

Measures 72 inches x 84 inches. It has several aliases which are ‘The Western King, WC King, West Coast King, Cal King’.

Australian King Beds

There are two types of ‘King’ beds in Australia, namely the ‘King Single’ measuring 42 inches x 80 inches and the standard ‘King’ native to Australia which measures 183cm x 203cm.

UK / Ireland King Size Mattresses

In UK and Ireland a king size bed generally measures 5′ x 6’6″ or 150cm x 200cm in metric.

Super King Size Bed Sizes

Ireland / UK Super King Size Bed Sizes

The super king size bed size for the UK and Ireland is currently 6′ x 6’6″ or 180cm x 200cm.

Eastern King Size Bed

Slightly larger than the super king size at 78 inches or 200cm wide.

Emperor King Size Bed

One of the larger versions of the super king size bed or mattress measuring 210 centimetres wide.

Large Emperor Bed Size

A large emperor bed is considerably larger than a super king size bed and its smaller related bed, the emperor bed, measuring 215cm.

Caesar Size Bed

Caesar size beds are amongst the largest beds on the market internationally currently (excluding bespoke beds). They are normally 96 inches wide (a whopping 8 foot wide bed).

Ikea Bed Sizes

Ikea bed sizes are normally based on Mainland European bed sizes which we have detailed above.

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