Is it safe to roll mattresses?
All our mattress are offered compressed and rolled. This makes handling and delivery easier, avoiding damage during transit, and enabling collection from our web outlets - you can drive away with the mattress from one of our stores, which proves popular for many of our customers

The rolling process causes no damage whatsoever to the mattress. It is not a vacuum process, the air is not 'sucked out', the mattress is simply compressed to approximately 25% of its original size by the latest roll packing mattress machinery. Web sites claiming that rolling the mattress causes damage probably do so as they do not have the expensive machinery necessary to do it.

We are part of a foam company trading since the 1998 and supply a large percentage of the UK's medical mattress market. We carry out numerous clinical test and assessments towards pressure care and foam performance. All medical mattresses supplied to the NHS are foam based. The performance of foam as a sleeping surface actually improves with use, and you will find after the first few months your mattress becomes more comfortable. This is the foam cell structure becoming less resilient and slightly softer. Compressing the mattress for a short period for delivery actually speeds up this process and improves the feel of the foam.


How is a memory foam mattress good for my back?
Sometimes Yes and sometimes No,  Because the memory foam moulds to your body's contours it allows you to sleep in the most anatomically correct position, perfectly supporting you and relieving any pressure. The visco-elastic foam mattress moulds as a function of your body heat and the downward pressure you exert on it - therefore it supports you evenly, and you don't get areas of high pressure as with a standard, sprung mattress.

Your muscles and joints will need to get used to the support offered by your new mattress/ topper, and it is normal for your back to feel tired during the first couple of weeks.

Our mattresses also offer fantastic pressure relief meaning improved circulation; this could make you feel hotter in bed than usual, but it should soon pass as you adjust.

However a mattress is not a medical device and is not a cure for an existing back problem It may well help in many cases, however in some cases lying in the same position for a prolonged period can be a problem, We have come across on a few occasions that a memory foam mattress has not helped with a back problem, sometimes a mattress  which is not as comfortable and does not help with the body's pressure points will make you change position more whilst asleep and can be better for certain back conditions.


What other benefits do they have?
Ideal for promoting a restful sleep. Studies have shown that because of the, supportive nature of the mattress it reduces the amount of movement by up to 80% - one of the key causes of restless sleep. We get many customers commenting on how they have slept better than ever before on their Mattress Factory memory foam mattress.


What about allergies?
Memory foam is ideal for allergy sufferers as the foam is sanitized therefore is dust-mite preventative. We have a wealth of customers who have benefited from this attribute of the memory foam sleep experience.


Do I need to turn the mattress over?
No, but we recommend that it be rotated head-to foot regularly.


Do the mattresses comply with safety regulations?
All Mattress Factory mattresses comply with UK furniture and fire regulations. Beware of buying from less scrupulous traders. Some mattresses are being imported and sold that do not comply with these regulations.


Can I use a hot water bottle or electric blanket?
We would not recommend the use of hot water bottles or electric blankets as they reduce the effectiveness of the memory foam.


Is memory foam is very warm to sleep on?
Due to your body having more contact with the mattress it can feel slightly warmer, use good quality cotton sheets and lighter weight duvet, silk duvets,are ideal as they naturally regulate the body temperature.


Do you offer a trial period?
Sorry we don't offer trials of our products as we are selling at factory direct prices.


What does 50kg density mean?
Genrally, the higher the density, the higher the quality of memory foam. However, different manufacturers use different sources of foam, some of which are lower quality which means they are more prone to breaking down after a period of time. You can be sure that The Mattress Factory uses only the best quality and most suitable grades of foam, using our experience in manufacturing for the healthcare markets to bring you products which offer the best support and comfort at the best prices most of the UKs domestic memory foam is now 50 kilo m3.


Are they ok on slatted bases?
Yes, a slatted base is fine to use with a memory foam mattress. Any base is fine providing it is structurally sound.


What is the difference between memory foam and ordinary foam?
Memory foam is heat sensitive. It feels firm when cold and softer when warm, which allows it to mould to your body as your body heat acts upon it. Normal Polyurethane foam does not respond to temperature.

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