Cut and Sewn Covers

Our factory has gerber fabric cutting machines and lay up tables where we lay and cut our fabrics to precise computer generated patterns, we also have our own in house sewing section which produces not only cot mattress covers but also a large number of medical and domestic mattress covers.

On our cot mattress cover production the majority of mattresses are made from a spun bonded polypropylene, plain on our basic mattresses and pinsonically quilted on our higher end of sprung and pocket sprung mattresses. these are the covers currently on our Comfort Kids range.

In development we are looking at more technical fabrics to introduce into our cot mattresses such as those fabrics which will have a cooling ability such as coolmax aimed to reduce any chance of mattress overheating


Lamination Lines

All our sprung mattresses are assembled on our lamination lines which construct the mattress assemblies and glue them together using either our water based adhesive system and / or our hot melt adhesive system.

This means that no solvents are used on the assembly of our cot mattresses cores, which is a common method used by many smaller cot mattress manufacturers.

CNC Computer Cut

Our Foam cutting machines are all automated CNC contour cutting machines which cut our cot mattresses to very precision sizes and produce the mattress cores in bulk.

Because of this we do not cut bespoke or special size mattresses, we would rather manufacture out standard product range in bulk quantities as this will give us our optimum manufacturing output and allow us to be at a very competitive price for a high quality product.

Comfort Kids From The Cot Mattress Factory Shop

The Comfort Kids range of cot mattresses are supplied direct from our factory based on Oldham where we manufacture thousands of mattresses each week.

The factory produces mattresses for many different sectors such as Nursery, Healthcare and Domestic markets.

The factory does have a factory shop where selected lines are sold direct to the general public the opening hours are 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

Comfortex Ltd (Mattress Factory Shop) Anchor Works , Rochdale Road , Oldham , OL1 2HP

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