Pocket Sprung Cot Mattress Specifications

All the mattresses in our pocket sprung cot mattress range are made from a pocket spring unit comprising of 200 individual springs encapsulated in a superior grade high density 28 kilo foam giving excellent comfortable support for your toddler. The cover is removable and washable and is made from an air permeable anti allergenic hygienic material which does not contain any PVC’s. Pocket springs are already the first choice for the best quality adult mattresses and are fast becoming the best choice for baby mattresses too. This is because they offer special advantages over basic and mini bonnell sprung units

The advantages of a Pocket Sprung Cot Mattress

Pocket springs will afford better support for longer, Pocket springs being individually wrapped, each spring works independently which helps prevent your baby rolling to the side of the cot The cover material is anti-allergenic, breathable and moisture resistant and is wipe clean and washable, and is also breathable allowing air to pass through the material helping your toddler to get a more comfortable night’s sleep





Mattresses are made from a pocket spring unit Combustion Modified High Resilience Foam which comply's with BS1877: part 10 (1997) and BS7177: 1996 for Domestic Use (Low Hazard) cover made from 100% Spun Bonded Polypropylene. These mattresses have removable washable covers, and are fully air permeable. Designed for use ‘Feet to Foot’

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