Memory Foam Mattress FAQ's

General FAQs

Are memory foam mattresses suitable for people with a bad backs?

Yes and No, a memory foam mattress moulds itself to the shape of your back - relieving pressure points and giving you a more comfortable night's sleep. However we have found that for some people lying in one position for prolonged periods of time can make certain back problems worse, and an uncomfortable mattress that irritates pressure points causing you to turn in your sleep may be better for your back. Remember it is a mattress not a medical device so please do not buy a memory foam mattress thinking it will cure a medical condition.

Are your mattresses compression packed, rolled and boxed

To ensure we can be as competitively priced as possible, The Mattress Factory vacuum compress, roll and box all mattresses dispatched in the UK. This ensures unnecessary transit costs are kept to a minimum, and in no way harms or damages the mattress. This also makes it considerably easier to manoeuvre the mattress up stairs, round tight corners and through doorways in the recipient's home.

Will vacuum packing damage my mattress?

Contrary to mis-information available elsewhere online, the vacuum packing process will not damage your mattress in any way. If it did, we'd be refunding thousands of customers each year. The Mattress Factory use the very latest packing and processing technology and guarantee that the vacuum packing procedure will in no way damage the mattress you receive. This is evident on opening the mattress, as it will recover quickly back to its correct depth and the outer cover will be taut and uncreased.

Do we take away your old mattress when your mattress is delivered?

As The Mattress Factory uses an external delivery contractor we currently do not remove your old mattress. This results in savings that we pass directly on to the customer.

Do I ever have to turn a memory foam mattress?

The Mattress Factory memory foam mattresses are manufactured to be laid one side up only, to achieve the body-moulding performance for which they are designed. We recommend rotating your mattress 180 degrees every 3-6 months.

Can you buy The Mattress Factory mattresses in shops?

The Mattress Factory only sell via online channels and from our factory shop. The internet-only business model allows us to retail our products at the lowest possible price direct to our customers.

Is there a maximum weight for users of memory foam mattresses?

To ensure ongoing maximum performance from your mattress and longevity of use, we recommend as a precaution that the mattresses are suitable for persons up to 18 stone in weight (approx. 114 kg or 252 lbs) or 30 stone for combined weight (approx. 190 kg or 420 lbs).

Can an electric blanket be used on a memory foam mattress?

No. memory foam mattresses are temperature sensitive, meaning that the heat from an electric blanket could deform the visco-elastic foam and damage the body-moulding performance.

Is it ok to use a mattress protector with a memory foam mattress?

It is fine to use a mattress protector with any of our mattresses, but they are likely to make the mattress feel firmer and less comfortable. This happens as the mattress protector acts as a barrier between the user and the top layer of temperature sensitive visco-elastic memory foam. The less barriers that exist between the mattress and the heat emanating from the user, ensures that the foam softens and moulds to the body providing the luxurious and comfortable experience that memory foam mattresses are known for.

Will it work on an electrical adjustable bed?

Yes, memory foam mattresses work with all types of bed bases, however we request that you double-check the dimensions of your electrical adjustable bed - most UK versions are 6ft 6", whereas UK standard single mattresses are 6ft 3".

Are memory foam mattresses suitable for iron or pine bed frames?

Yes - memory foam mattresses can be safely used with all types of bed, even adjustable electrics or divans. We would however advise that whilst it is ok to use memory foam mattresses with a slightly sprung bed base it will perform better on a stable platform. If using on a slatted bed base, please ensure the gaps between the slats are no wider than 2 - 3 inches.

How does a memory foam mattress compare to a sprung mattress?

Its a matter of taste standard sprung mattresses, in essence, are made up of metal coils designed to support the weight of your body and have a much higher resilience "springiness or bounce". Whereas a memory foam mattress will be less resilient and will mould to the body's shape and react much slower to the body's movement and adapt to the body's pressure points which often causes you to move less while asleep. to get the best of both worlds a memory foam layer on top of a pocket sprung base will still give you a resilient mattress with the added comfort of a memory foam top layer.

I usually get warm at night - will a memory foam mattress help this?

Not really all foam is a insulating material and will store heat generated by the body, many websites state the foam is open celled and this will circulate the air in the mattress this is very misleading and totally untrue. Both memory foam and standard PU foam has an open cell structure but this is why it is so insulating it can absorb warmth in the cell structure, the simple answer to overheating is to lower the thickness of your duvet or to pick a mattress with a cover material that has cooling properties. and also remember any new mattress will feel different at first.

Can you feel the difference between varying densities of memory foam mattresses?

This Depends. on memory foam under 50 kilo M3 the memory foam feels more like a hybrid of standard foam and memory foam and is not as slow recovering, 50 kilo and above there is little difference in feel apart from the hardness rating of the foam. to explain you can have a 50 kilo memory foam with a 50 newton hardness which will be soft or you could also have a 50 kilo foam with a hardness of 150 newtons which would be firm. The higher densities of 75 to 85 kilo are good but not significantly different to the standard 50 to 60 kilo foam as used on most mattresses. I am basing this on UK manufactured foam and cannot comment on imported mattresses using foam made outside the UK as this may well be full of additives to increase the foams density but may also be detrimental to the foams performance and feel.

Why do memory foam mattresses vary so much in price?

Memory foam mattresses vary in price due to different factors the huge differences in quality between manufacturers. Comfortex "The Mattress Factory" manufactures memory foam mattress that have been produced to exacting high standards, we are ISO9001 accredited and are one of the largest medical mattress suppliers in the UK.

Why does memory foam discolor through time?

All foam including memory foam changes colour slightly through age, as part of its natural oxidization process and is due to the anti oxidants used in the foams manufacture. This does not affect the performance of the memory foam mattress in any way whatsoever. this discoloration is called phenolic yellowing and does not affect the physical properties of the foam.

How and why are the Mattress Factory memory foam mattress so competitively priced?

In the UK we are currently an internet only business. This enables us to sell our mattresses directly to the customer at the lowest possible prices. At present we also only sell one type and style of memory foam mattress in the UK, again ensuring we are as commercially efficient as possible and can guarantee the lowest possible retail prices.

Will the moulded memory foam pillow fit in a standard pillowcase?

Yes. The pillow is a standard size pillowcase

Ordering and Delivery FAQs

I live in a multi-storey building, will the courier bring the item up to my property?

Due to insurance policy reasons our couriers are only permitted to deliver your item(s) to the front door of your building. Every mattress is delivered vacuum-packed in order to be as easily maneuvered as possible.

What happens if I'm out when my mattress is delivered?

The courier will leave a card at your house with the consignment number and a contact telephone number. You must call within 24 hours to re-arrange delivery at a more convenient time, free of charge. If you fail to make contact with the courier the items will be shipped back to The Mattress Factory- unfortunately you will be charged again for re-delivery.

What if I'm not at home when the courier attempts to deliver?

If you aren't available to take delivery of your memory foam mattress on the designated date, the courier will leave a card that details the consignment and instructions for arranging re-delivery or collection from their depot. In these cases we advise contacting the depot within 24 hours of delivery, as the consignment will be sent back to The Mattress Factory.

What happens when I place an order online?

We have made every effort to make the online order process as simple and convenient as possible.

When you complete your online purchase you will receive an automatic email receipt.

If you have any problems or wish to ensure your order is in our system please call 0845 600 9041 and we can check up for you

What happens when I place an order over the phone?

We know that online ordering isn't convenient for everyone, so we have made it just as easy to place orders over the phone. Our order line is available on 0845 600 9041

When placing an memory foam mattress order over the phone, the same confirmation processes apply as ordering online. However, the order will not be processed and confirmed for up to 24 hours, so the delivery and confirmation emails will be delayed slightly.

Installation FAQs

Why do you compression pack your mattresses?

Your new memory foam mattress will arrive rolled, and very compact. All of our mattresses are compressed, vacuum sealed, rolled. We use the very latest technology in this process ensuring this will in no way compromise or damage your mattress. We also find this packaging process considerably reduces damage that can often be caused to a full size mattress when in transit or dispatched for delivery via third party courier.

What do I do when it arrives?

Some mattresses are also roll packed and boxed we advise that you open the box and remove the mattress, as this makes it easier to carry the mattress to the room you plan to use it in. If you plan to open and install your mattress at a later date, we recommend keeping it compression packed for a maximum period of 4 weeks from initial delivery.

(Removing the mattress from the box makes it easier to carry and manoeuvre around your home.)

It is advisable to take the mattress into the room it is to be used in prior to opening the clear, plastic cylindrical packaging. (Once this is removed, the mattress will unfurl and become more difficult to carry.) Please take great care in opening the plastic mattress packaging, if using a knife or sharp implement it is important to ensure you do not cut or nick the mattress itself.

Once you have removed the first layer of plastic packaging the mattress will unfurl. On opening the second layer of vacuum-sealed packaging, the mattress will immediately start the process of recovering to its natural depth and shape.

Can I use my mattress the same day it is delivered / opened?

Yes. The recovery process will take a maximum of 6 hours, and the mattress is fine to use the same day it is first unpackaged.

Why is there a distinct odour coming from my new mattress?

Whilst for some this can be a little unpleasant, it is entirely safe, normal, and to be expected. It is also amplified to some degree, as the mattress has been vacuum-sealed and packaged. This is however one of the major factors in The Mattress Factory being able to provide such a high specification mattress at a very competitive price. Newly manufactured visco-elastic foam has a distinct odour that will dissipate over a short period of time when exposed to air. We find however that the majority of customers will use their new mattress on the first evening of receiving it.

Caring for your mattress FAQs

Do I ever have to turn a memory foam mattress?

Standard sprung mattresses need to be turned to prevent and delay the sagging that occurs through time. Like all memory foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses are manufactured to be laid one side up only, to achieve the body-moulding performance for which they are designed. We recommend rotating your mattress 180 degrees every 3-6 months.

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