What is Pressure Mapping?

Using pressure mapping to create more comfortable mattresses

The human body is designed to allow maximum mobility during the day and the same joints that allow this movement, such as the hips and shoulders, can be the cause of 'pressure hot spots' in most mattresses used today. 

Our memory foam mattresses are designed to work with the body’s contours to reduce pressure on these hot spots and therefore encourage deeper and more therapeutic sleep. 

The result of years of development and hundreds of tests is a mattress which not only uses modern materials such as visco elastic memory foam, but combines an intelligent design mapped to the contours of the body. The result is a combination of comfort and support far superior to any other mattress we have tested.

The images below shows the pressure hot spots that occur on a person sleeping on their side using a normal mattress:

The following image is the same person sleeping on a memory foam mattress from The Mattress Factory, notice the lack of hot spots:

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